The Detroit Studio

Graphic Design, Web Design & Printing

Graphic Design Services

TDS Graphic Designers can create art for any form of printed media: business cards, brochures, logos, letterhead, flyers, t-shirts, branding, signs, etc. & several different types of digital or interactive media such as video podcasts or even power point presentations.

The process of creating and designing with you as a client will truly be our pleasure. We can develop a concept for you or help you design your own concept starting from sketches on a napkin and a casual conversation. We are also prepared to work within pre-defined parameters of your full corporate style guides.

Regardless of the process, we are fully informed as a print company and that helps make that creative process even more complete, engaging, and successful. All of that in turn makes your product a better product, and your target audience a more receptive one. will make the design process even more complete, engaging and enjoyable for you with online ordering, online proofing and approval. An extensive amount of design resources will be available to you and you will feel included in every step of the design process.


Printing Services offers great deals on high quality, full color printed items such as: business cards, brochures, direct mail, flyers, post cards, pocket folders and much more.


Web Design Services

TDS Web Design will help you to not just have a web presence; but feel present on the web.

We will create an inviting web interface negotiating a gamut of styles, using all of our experiences, skills, and talents as both artists and programmers. Allow us to help the content of your web site shine through with both the spirit you want and the authority it needs.

We use all of the tools available. Our decisions for static, Flash, or mixed web page designs are informed by both our experience and your needs.

However, the technology we choose to design the page with is informed by constant education. We are a development team that remains learners. We lead in assuring that our designs meet international web standards as we cultivate powerful search engine optimization. Our SEO techniques assure that the corporate branding that you call home is a place others can immediately find and feel welcomed by on the web.